Elementals Chapter One

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Elementals Chapter One

George sighed, his hands hovering over his keyboard. The computer screen was white, a testament to how much work George was not getting done. His mind felt completely numb, as if it had been drained of all thought. But the only problem was those thoughts had been focused on the pornography he had watched last night. If he had been writing some cheap on-line erotica, than maybe thoughts about two werewolf /lesbian/lesbians-fucking/">lesbians fucking each others brains out would have been useful. But George was trying to write some actual literature, damn it.

He forced his hands down and typed: 

?Gloria read the contents of her milk. It was skim milk. She hated skim milk. She had always told Billy to get her normal milk, like...from a cow. But Billy had gone and got her some skim milk instead. Sometimes, it felt like Gloria was slowly going insane. She looked up at the door bell. 

Who is it? she asked. The door open and her rambunctious werewolf lover walked in, wearing nothing but a skimpy dress. 

let us dance, lover, the werewolf purred, stripping her clothes off. Gloria spread her legs, the milk for-?

?DAMN IT!? George pushed himself away from his desk. That damn smut had snuck back into his writing, despite himself. And despite himself, he was hard again. George closed Open Office and stood, his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock bumping against the desk. George winced, the impact painful even through pants. He walked to the his toy, unzipping his pants. The images and sounds of the two werewolves, gyrating, moaning, sucking and licking, making his prick get even harder. 

The toy, however, did not make him harder. It was the cheapest model out there, little more than a pussy and two tits, both rather unlifelike. Very inhuman hand holds stuck out at angles for him to mount the device and thrust without falling out. George did so, his motions starting up a pre-recorded moaning. The woman who had done the moaning was not the best actor, but George just imagined one of those werewolves under him. After a few minutes he came, /semen/">semen spewing into the /sex/sex-toy/">sex toys container. He pulled out, feeling very unsatisfied. 

?Damn it, I need a girlfriend,? George muttered, ?Im screwing a hunk of plastic, damn it. Im also talking to myself.? 

George sat back down at the computer. Before he could even start typing, his mind drifted back to the girlfriend issue. George stood. 

?I am going to fuck a girl. Tonight. I will find one and fuck her.? He made this pledge with a straight face. ?I will have her screaming for release as I take her in every way I can. And with that out of the way, I can get some god damned writing DONE!? 

The door bull cut into his pledge. Georges face went beat red, wondering if the person out side had heard him. Now wouldnt that be embarrassing. George was still the new guy in town. That would work for and against him. A woman, he supposed from his writing, would want to a quick fuck with someone who wouldnt stick around to gossip. Or at least he hoped so. 

George walked to the door and opened it. No one was there. A sudden mewling made George look down. A cat looked up at him, curled up in a basket, swaddled with cloth. George knelt and picked up the cat. It was gray and black striped, its eyes green. One ear was chipped, as if someone had cut it. The cat mewled again, almost as if it was saying Im hungry!.

?Fine, fine,? George muttered, walking back into his house. He set the cat down. It moved about his legs, mewling piteously once again. ?Hold on, hold on,? George muttered, pulling out a dish and filling it with milk. He set it on the floor and the cat began to drink up.

George stood to leave, to follow through on his pledge. The cat meowed. George turned back and knelt next to it. ?Your a lonely little cat, no?? 

The cat meowed. George started to pet his new cat. 

Dusk fell. George was still petting his cat, reading his book and generally failing to follow through on his pledge. The hypothetical woman who is going to be screaming in lust and pleasure was not there. George sighed, petting the cat one last time. 

?I suppose you dont know any nice chicks?? George asked. The cat stepped off his stomach and onto the couch next to him, meowing. It walked away and found a place to settle down. The cat was asleep soon, without a care in the world. 

?Cats. They have it lucky, dont they?? George asked. He thought about what he could do now. He could watch some of that very fine pornography, and maybe go at it with his toy. He could try and write more. 

In the end, his legs decided it for him. He walked to his computer, got halfway, then fell into his bed and went to sleep. 

Darkness. Something...wet. George sat up, bursting out of the dream suddenly. He was rock hard, sensation running up and down his spine. It was like jerking off, but a thousand times better. Something soft and wet ran up and down his shaft. Then two small hands with cool, smooth fingers started to slid up and down his cock, the soft wet mouth moving to his scrotum. 

George gasped, realizing he was not alone in the bed. A form, underneath his blankets, was moving around. Something brushed his face. A furry something. Then all thoughts were driving out of Georges head as stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv he grunted, thrusting upwards and letting loose. The mouth that had brought him to /climax/">climax took his seed. A soft swallowing sound announced the woman, whoever she was, taking the cum down her throat. George fell back into his bed, his cock slowly softening. He blinked and then, suddenly, it morning light shone through the window. 

George sat up. He had just slept the best night he had ever slept, every part of his body relaxed. Then his new cat moved onto his chest and meowed. 

?What?? George asked, ?What do you want?? 

The cat meowed, jumping off the bed. George stood and, before he could do anything, the cat jumped onto the bed, then jumped onto his shoulder. It rested there, purring softly. Its claws didnt hurt, its tail only tickled his back and so George let it there. 

After he had gotten dressed, George decided to renew his vow. As he finished the sentence, ?Leave her screaming in diastases,? The cat jumped onto his shoulder. 

?You want to come too?? George asked, looking at the cat. The cat meowed and settled itself more securely on its perch. 

George locked the door behind him, shivering slightly. He walked to the park, waving to some people he passed. The park itself was rather small, with just a gazebo and some jungle gyms. It was also abandoned. George sighed, looking around the park. Then, to his delight, he saw a solitary figure sitting on the swing set. George walked forward, wondering why a teen girl was sitting on a swing. 

?Hello,? George said, waving at the girl. The girl looked up at him and George saw that her hair had red highlights around her face, a smattering of freckles over her cheek bones. She wore a red jacket, with a dark red under shirt and red jeans, her feet protected by two sandals. George checked and, yes, she had painted her toe nails red. She was also very pretty. 

?Hi,? The girl said, her cheeks coloring as she pushed the swing backwards. 

?Im new in town,? George said and, realizing how stupid that sounded, he held out his hand, ?My names George.? 

?Pyra,? The woman said, taking his hand and shaking it, ?And...just so you know, Im new in town too.? 

?Really?? George said, ?Its...a depressing little berg, isnt it?? 

Looking around, it did look depressing. The sky was gray, the air chilly and the entire place felt dead.

?I know. I only came for the collage.? Pyra sighed. ?Why are you in town?? 

?Im a writer,? George said. 

?Oh really?? Pyra asked, standing. Her entire face seemed to light up. ?I love reading. What have you written.? 

?Nothing yet,? George said, ?In fact Im stuck...cant seem to get past this writers block. So I decided to just...go for a walk.? 

? have a cat on your shoulder,? Pyra said, ?Can I pet him?? 

?I dont know. I found him a while ago and he just-? Pyra held out her hand and the cat crawled onto her arm, claws sinking into Pyras shirt harmlessly ?-decided to stick around.? 

?Its a she,? Pyra said, giggling as the cat nosed her cheek. ?I love cats.? 

?Well...want to do something?? George blurted, his face going as red as Pyras clothes, hair, eyes...pretty much everything. 

?Sure,? Pyra said, ?I know a nice bar, if you want.? 

?O...Okay,? George said. Pyra smiled, taking his arm. ?Come on.? 

?...and then my professor looks around and says Do you know who did this? white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie and then I say...Your wife??

George laughed into his soda, spluttering as the liquid went everywhere. Pyra grinned at him, sipping her own lemonade somewhat more sedately. She was right. This was a nice bar, each table cordoned off in a very nice, private fashion. Not that there was anyone else there, the bar abandoned by everyone but the bar tender. 

?I like you,? George said, ?Your...funny.? 

?And attractive, I hope.? Pyra leaned forward, smiling. 

Earlier George would have panicked. But an hour of talking to Pyra, with the cat sitting in the table between them, had eroded his nervousness. Instead of stammering, or blushing, or anything else he would have done...George leaned forward and kissed Pyra. Her lips were very soft against his and a jolt of heat smote his loins, making his shaft rise and harden in record time. Pyra moaned softly in the back of her throat, her tongue pushing into Georges mouth. Her hand snaked over the table and found Georges hand. George squeezed back at her, wishing the table wasnt between them. 

Pyra broke the kiss, making a soft smacking noise. 

?Are you the only one who wishes this table wasnt hear?? Pyra asked, her face flushed. 

?No,? George croaked. 

?Do you have rubbers?? 

?Y...Yes,? George stood, knowing his cock was easily visible, making a tent in his pants. Pyra stood as well, moving around the table. She took Georges hand in her own, kissing him again. This time...without the table between them...

Indescribable. George looped his arms around Pyras waist, bringing her close to her. He wanted to undress her right now. The table was mostly clean and the bar was mostly empty. George pushed Pyra against the table, spreading her legs slightly. She reached down and unzipped her pants, obviously having the same idea. Her jeans slipped below her buttocks, still covering most of her legs. Georges cock sprang into open air as he unzipped himself. 

Pyra curled up, her arms looping around his shoulders. George looked down and saw that her slit glistened invitingly. He looked over his shoulder and saw that they were clear. Pyra bit down on his shoulder as he slid into her, a moan in the back of her throat rising. Every thrust of Georges made Pyras teeth sink into his shirt a bit deeper. It hurt, but Georges shirt kept them from breaking skin. After a minute or so, Pyra leaned back on the table, her mouth wide open. George leaned forward over the table and locked his lips with her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. 

Pyra wrapped her legs around Georges back, pushing against him with her pelvis. After a few minutes his balls contracted, Georges eyes screwed up and he came. Pyra moaned as George slid out of her with a slurp. His cum and her juices dribbled onto the table, making it considerably less clean. Pyra pulled her pants up and zipped them, smiling sheepishly. George pulled himself into his jeans, zipping up as well. 

Pyra breathed in, breathed out and kissed George again, her arms reaching around him back and pulling him close to her. Georges hand slipped under her shirt, found her breast and squeezed. Pyra moaned while kissing him, biting his lip again. The cat jumped onto her back, then crawled from her shoulders to Georges. 

?Shall we go?? George asked, gesturing to the exit of the bar. They walked past the bartender, who shot them a very very very nasty look. George couldnt care less. Pyras hand slipped into his back pocket and squeezed slightly. George looked at her and she smiled. 

The cat meowed at Pyra as she walked in. It twined about her legs, then rubbed against one of them. ?Awww...arent you a nice kitty?? Pyra asked, kneeling down and petting the cat. George smiled, pulling out the cats dish, filling it with milk. The cat began to drink it up. George gestured to the bathroom. ?Shall we?? 

?Sure,? Pyra smiled. She walked to the bathroom, pulling her shirt up and over her shoulders. George stared after her, his mouth hanging open. Then he shook himself, pulling his shirt off.

Pyra was bent over, pulling her panties off, when George came in. When she stood straight, he reached around and grabbed her breasts. Pyra giggled as he played with her tits, gently squeezing, his fingers pinching her nipples. She looked over her shoulder at George, who smiled at her. One of Georges hands slipped over her stomach and stopped at her belly button, where his fingers brushed metal. 

?What...What is this?? George asked, his right hand still playing with Pyras breast. Pyra sighed. 

?A piercing.? She craned her head around and kissed George. When the kiss broke, she said. ?Ive had it for as long as I could remember.? 

She turned around, her eyes locking with Georges. George leaned in and sniffed, running his nose along her cheek bone. She smelled like...smoke, the pleasant smell that lingers after a camp fire is doused. His nose lead his lips to her ear, where he gently nibbled her lobe.