Moneys Not The Only Currency

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Moneys Not The Only Currency

There were just ten minutes before my next appointment, and I was rushing to finish a contract. My secretary was gone for the day, and I couldn't remember what my next client wanted to discuss. Just as I finished faxing the contract to be reviewed, a knock at the door and a soft "excuse me". I turned, and there stood an incredibly handsome young guy in his early twenties. "May I help you?" I stammered. "I'm Jerry Ryan. I have an appointment with Mr. Ober" he said. "Hi, come in. I'm Trevor Ober" I said. "Sit down and tell me what's on your mind." I had never seen such a good looking guy who seemed to be absolutely oblivious to his own beauty. He took off his leather jacket and laid it over the wing chair accross from my desk and sat down. I had a fire roaring in the fireplace to counter the chill winter that raged outside. "Nice and warm in here" he said. I just smiled and thought, "you don't know how hot I am looking at you buddy." Instead, all I said was, "how can I help you?" He began to tell me about his problem with his landlord, how he really couldn't move as he had to finish work on his thesis to get his masters. I heard almost nothing of what he said. All I could do was focus on his deep blue eyes, his curly, diry blond hair, and his incredible body.

I full hd xvideo download got up from behind my desk and sat in the wing chair next to him by the fire. "Well, Jerry, it seems that we can probably work this out so that you don't have to move until after you get your masters." He looked excited, and then he frowned. "I don't know if I can pay you. I'm a graduate student, and I don't have a job." I was staring at his crotch imagining what a great cock must be hiding beneath those tight fitting jeans. "Don't worry about that" I said. I decided to be a bit bold. "Money's not the only currency" I said. He looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes and seemed puzzled. "What'd you mean?" he asked. My cock was rock hard by now, and I decided to risk it.

"Well, I can help you with your landlord, and maybe you can help me with a problem too" I said as I uncrossed my legs revealing my hardon straining against my pants. His eyes swept over my crotch, and free porn movies download he moved his hand to my thigh. His touch sent a thousand volts of electricity through my body. "I can certainly help you with THAT" he said as he moved over and gently placed his lips on my lips, our tongues exploring each other's mouths. We slipped from the chair to the floor in one fluid movement becoming one. He massaged my cock and I felt the pulsation of his manhood through those tight jeans.

In seconds, we were undressed and exploring every inch of each other. His body was enticingly perfect. He was tall- about six /feet/">feet- and maybe 185 pounds of tight muscle. My tongue gravitated right to the head of his 7 inch, cut cock. I twirled my tongue around his purple head tasting his /sweet/">sweet pre-cum. Slowly I went up and down his shaft, stopping to suck first his left, and then his right balls. His hands were exploring my body, and my ass. He massaged my hole and slipped a finger up me sending me into hyper-suction as I worked his magnificent tool for all I was worth, taking all of his seven inches down my throat.

Before he could blow his load, I stopped. "I need you inside me NOW" I demaned. He rolled me over, lubed his mahood, and slowly circled my rosebud with his throbbing cock. I wanted him; I wanted him /bad/">bad. He slipped his cock into me gently sending me into heaven. As he pumped into a regular rythym, I bucked against him, his balls slapping my ass cheecks with each inward thrust. His cocked filled me with pleasure as we rocked against each other in a blur of ecstacy and lust. He twitched my nipples while his pace increased building to a crashing crescendo of ball slapping fucking.

I felt him tense and I squeezed my ass muscles down on his /cock/big-cock/">big cock. With one great thrust he filled me with all his manhood. I came just as he pumped what seemed like gallons of cum into my ass.

We collapsed in front of the fire as he slowly withered and pulled out of me. He sucked the last of my juice from my cock and kissed me passionately with the vestigaes of my own load. As he stroked my hair by the fire, he smiled and said coyly "I guess money's not the only currency."