Wife and her parole officer

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Wife and her parole officer

As we were driving out of town her beeper went off.

"Oh No! Its Sgt.Darnell." She had a felony and was always having to check in with the police. Once a month or so. We pull in to a service station so she could call in. She returns to the car with a /sad/">sad look on her face.

"We have to go back. If I dont show up by six oclock. They will put a warrant out for me." We drive back to town to city hall. I follow my wife inside. Admiring her /legs/sexy-legs/">sexy legs. As she walked Wearing a black skirt with a split up the back.

We arrived at Darnells office. He was a huge and intimidating black man. We both sat down across from him. He questioned her about every aspect of her life. Where, when, what time? etc.etc.etc. His eyes looking over my wifes sexy body. Paying close attention to her as she crossed and uncrossed her legs. Minutes later a young /girl/blonde-girl/">blonde girl comes to the door. In a police uniform and holding a clip board.

"Excuse me Sgt. Becky is ready to drug test Misty." Misty followed Tanya to a lab Where Becky was waiting. As usual wearing a pair of /latex/">latex gloves. She looks Misty over.

"Do you have any drugs xxx sex video download free com or weapons on you?"

"No" Becky hands her a cup to pee in and directs her in to the rest room. A Miniute later she comes sexxxx video ful hd out. She is led back to Darnells office. He continues to question her. Ten minutes later the chief comes in.

"Darnell I need to talk to you in private please." He stands his pants are open and his huge big black cock is hanging out. Misty blushes but stares at it.

"Put that big thing up!" The chief scolds him.

"Sorry chief" He puts his cock up and walks out. I get up and look at my wifes file. It was full of her and her /friend/best-friend/">best friend Shirleys pictures of them being strip searched and gang banged. They all return.

"Yall come with us." I am led to a room with one of those windows in it. Looking in to another room. Misty is given a number and put in a lineup. She followed the line of young /women/">women in to another room. They all get looked over for severall miniutes. The door opens and they are led out.

"Thanks for coming by ladies. Yall are free to go." As Misty gets to the door. Becky stops her.

"Not you. Follow me." Misty is led in to the room next to the room where I was waiting. I could see and here everything.

"Hands on your head spread your legs!" Becky demanded with Tanya observing.

"You have no right to treat me like this!"

"Shut up! You have no rights!" She looks at Tanya.

" You have to be firm with your prisoner. Go ahead search her." Tanya nervously feels over my wifes clothed body.

"Your being to gentle." Becky steps in and feels gropes and fondles Misty. unzipping her skirt and untucking her blouse.

"You have to be thorough. She can hide anything anywhere. Strip down!"

"Ugh!...Is that really necessary?"

"Yes...Dont take no for an answer." Misty unbuttons and takes off her red silk blouse. Her bra comes off next.

"Check under her arms and under her tits." Her skirt falls. As I watch my wife strip. I take my cock out and stroke it. She procrastinates standing in her high heels and pantyhose.

"Im waiting." Misty slips off her high heels and pulls down her pantyhose. After shes nude Becky lubes her fingers.

"Bend over." Becky gives instruction on lubeing and checking her pussy and poop shoot. Tanya takes her turn.

"Shes kind of loose."

"Yea someone with a /fucking/dick-fuck/big-dick-fucks/">big dick fucks her." About that tine Darnelland the chief walks in. Both /nude/men-nude/">men nude. The chief is old and has a hard time keeping his dick hard. He strokes his cock then pushes it in to her cunt. A few pumps later he puts it in her ass.

"Ahh Yea!" He slaps her ass He comes and pulls his spent cock from her ass. Darnell takes over laying her on a table. He puts his bull sized cock stretching my wifes cunt. She squeals out as he maxes out her pussy. Holding her ankles he fucks her brains out. Tears run down her pretty face streaking her makeup. After the chief gets hard again.

He climbs on top of her chest and fucks her between her big tities. He finishes her off by getting a blow job from her. Both the chief and Darnell leave her in a spent cum filled heap laying across s table.

"Becky and Tanya comes to me and I fuck them both. While my wife recovers.