Lesbian made me squirt

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Lesbian made me squirt

Im a 22 year old female and have a full time job working as a hair stylist , I dont have a boyfriend and do not intend to eaither as my last relationship turned out to be a dissaster in every department .

I have long brown hair that goes down to my bum and a sexy pair of long legs and /big/big-breasts/">big breasts that are very sensetive size 38e to be exact. One night afterwork I decided to go for a jog threw the woods near my house I loved going for a jog on an evening as it cleared my head , I reached a part of the woods where teenagers go to hang as I jogged past I saw the most sexiest woman walking upto me, for that one second my heart jumped for some reason and I started to get a strange sort of felling I never felt before , I slowed down and she asked me for the time , sorry I dont have my watch with me , ok the woman replied no worries hey ive seen you before havent I wear do I no you from , sorry I dont no you maybe you have me mistaken for someone else , no the woman replied you work in shellys salon right you cut xxx my hair 2 days ago , oh yes I replied smiling and slightly blushing this woman was very sexy she was a /blonde/">blonde with green eyes and the most sexiest pair of tits id ever seen she was wearing a pair of leather boots and a mini skirt and a /red/sexy-red/">sexy red cleavege top .

So whats your name I asked "lacey , oh yes I remember im becky , I remeber she replied looking into my eyes with those /gorgeous/">gorgeous green eyes , becky yes lacey dont think im strange or anything but I think you are very preety , thankyou I said I could feel my cheeks slightly blushing im not a lesbian I told her I can tell she said but have you ever been with a girl once at all in your life ; no I said well forgive me for saying but I thought I wasnt a lesbian once but then tried it and have never turned back , right then I turned to lacey and she gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever been given before her lips tasted so /sweet/">sweet her tooung sudenly entered my mouth and I began to get wet , oh no I thought to myself am I enjoying this I sudently then realised I was getting turned on my nipples stood on end; and protruded threw my white top lacey then pulled me behind a large bush and started undressing me.

my heart was pounding my body was on fire and I then also started to undress lacey we were bothe then standing naked lacey then put my hand on her breast I began to get even more wet and by now my pussy was throbbing I then took porn videos download her left breast in my mouth and slowly worked my hand down to her pussy it was fully shaved so soft and very wet I then slid my finger into laceys pussy and she let out a slight moan this made my pussy drip with my juices I fingerfuked her for a few minutes her carresing my breasts and I kissing her tits and neck then she started to tene and suddenly came all over my hand I pulled my fingers out got down on my knees and started liking her beautiful cunt she fell to the grownd and I slowly climbed on top of her and placed my dripping /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt onto hers and started humping my juices and her juices wee rubbing against one another I was so turned on getting hotter n hotter and then when I was just about to cum lacey moved me of her and pushed me to the floor she spread my legsopen and beguan liking my clit then suking ,nibbling and then liking I was so turned on I begged her to make me cum.

She then slid 2 of her fingers deep into my pussy and began rubbing my clit she then picked up speed and I was moaning in extacy then I felt my self tense and I sudenly started squirting all over laceys face my body crippled in toal pleasure lacey kept liking and suking and I squirted again this time lacey was ready and opend her mouth and drank my juices as well as liking them up omg im so sorry I said , lacey smiled and said that was the /first-time/">first time she had ever been squirted on and slowly then came up to my face and slowly kissed me she then whispered in my ear I have some /toys/">toys in my back do u like /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex I replied never tried it she then laughed and said your going to love it be continued