Girls will be girls

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Girls will be girls

Jill and I had been friends since first grade. We shared everything, no secrets betweenus. That summer we both admitted to having sexual feelings, and being very curious about the whole sex process. We discussed the myths we had heard, made faces at the thought of taking a boys "thing " in our mouth, butgiggled for hours as we talked about which boys we would do that for.

We practiced kissing in front of a mirror, and with each other. I started getting funny feelings when we kissed , and started to wonder if it was affecting her too. As the days passed we became more bold, I would touch her budding breasts, and ask if she had ever let a boy play with them. One night in bed we took our panties off and examined each other. Her pussy had very sparse hair and puffy tight lips, where mine was more hairy and open like a rose petal. Her aureole were almost the same color as her breasts bokep sma pecah perawan and her nipples only slightly darker. She was amazed at how much darker mine were than hers.

I noticed that both of us were getting wet, and asked her if she wanted to practice our kissing some more. As we lay there kissing , our bodies pressed together, snug and warm in my bed, we talked about /kissing/girl-kiss/girls-kissing-girls/">girls kissing girls "down there" andgiggled about the whole idea. I asked her, wonder how that feels? or if people really doit. She had gotten quiet and when I announced that I would do it to her to see if it were even possible she just closed her eyes and lay her arm across them.

I puckered my lips and kissed her between her legs, just like I would kiss hermouth. She went tense but didn't say anything. I remembered the girls at school talking about their boy friends lickingthem, so I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked up her closed slit. This brought a soft moan from her so I knew i was doing it somewhatright. I lay down completely on my belly between her legs, old waman xxxgx and took my thumbs and opened her lips and was rewarded with a good look at her pee hole and her pussy opening.

I stuck my tongue there, making a small circle trying to press it in to her hole. She was too tight, so I started licking in wider circles, making my tongue soft and flat. I licked slowly up to her clit. I took my fingers and pulled her hood back and exposed her little bud to my tongue. I had done this to my own clit in bed alone at night so i knew how it felt being expised and stimulated. Ikept a gentle pressure on her clit, and brought the soft tips of my fingers to her pussy and caressed it on the outside. Shedidn't like it when I tried to push my fingers in to her, so I caressed her labia while I licked her clit. 

She was breathing very heavily ,her arm moved from her eyes and she was watching me lick her. I spread her lips apart and licked almost to her butt then back to her /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit and that was all it took . I felt her legs stiffen, and heard a deep sigh as she had her first orgasm , she hardly made anynoise, but her pussy was going wild on my tongue, she was pushing up against my mouth as her contractions started.

I kept my lips pressed against her pussy, but very softly as she would tense and her pussy would startpulsing again. She finally got too sensitive and had to stop. I slid up and rolled her on her side and held her against me, my palm on her butt, her hard little nipples pressing against mine. I could taste her on my lips, I could smell her shampoo and her hair, her skin was soft and silky. She had fallen asleep.

I didn't get my pussy kissed or licked, but I spread my legs wide as I lay beside her and rubbed my clit the way I remembered my tongue moving over hers, and had a satisfying orgasm. I would get my turn!!!