Chad and myself

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Chad and myself

Chad and myself had been having a great relationship since he came to live with me. (Remember Chad use to be my pool boy) Anyway one day after working in Darien, Georgia, my work crew, Chad and myself, decided to go to Savannah to Outback Steakhouse. 

All the guys got plastered. Gary, another young guy who works with us wanted to know if he could ride back with us to the hotel. I told him that he could, but that Chad and myself were going to the beach first. He stated that would be fine with him. After leaving Outback on our way back to Darien, we pulled off @ the beach. It was full moon and the ocean was just beautiful with the dim light glaring off of it. Everyone @ work knew that Chad and myself were living together, but didn?t know that we were sleeping together, so we walked away from Gary on down the beach shore. After awhile we sat down on the sand and started kissing. Chad told me that he really wanted to make out in the sand on the beach, that this had been a /fantasy/">fantasy of his. I told him that maybe tomorrow night that we could, but I didn?t want Gary to see us. 

He stated that he completely understood. We started walking back to the truck and met up with Gary. He was sitting in the sand. He stood up and said, ?guys the reason I wanted to ride with you two tonight is because I?m leaving my wife Nick, and I want to know what it?s like being with a guy.? I couldn?t believe my ears. Gary had only been married for 1-? years. I asked Gary how he knew that I had been with a guy. He told me that he caught me and Chad kissing in my office last week. So he knew why Chad was living with me. Chad looked @ me and said, ?baby, you remember what I said about the sand and water?? I replied ?yes.? He said that we could make that fantasy a /reality/">reality and Gary could join us. I was very shocked to hear Chad alain lyle porn say this. Gary asked Chad what he was talking about, and Chad informed him that he wanted me and him to make love on the sand on the edge of the water. I told Gary that if we let him join us that he must never tell anyone. 

We Chad then took his clothes off and walked toward the edge of the water. I did the same. Soon Gary came up behind us totally nude. I had never seen Gary?s chest. He was well defined and had an awesome 8 pack, a nice treasurer trail and at least an 8 inch uncut cock like myself. I started kissing Chad, and then Chad kissed Gary. I then started rimming Chad?s ass until I got him all wet. I was throbbing so I told him to lie on the sand and I went to town. I fucked him so deep and slow. Chad had started sucking Gary off by now. Gary was laying back and moaning. He mentioned that this was way better than his wife?s blowjobs. Soon Chad said to me, baby, why don?t you give Gary indian santali xvideo some of that. 

Gary looked @ me and said, I don?t know, I don?t think I?m ready. Chad said to Gary, sure you are, I have got you all loosened up with my tongue and fingers Gary, you will love Nick?s cock. I crawled over to Gary and told him to lie on his side and move one leg up and bend it, I then started sliding my cock in his ass. Gary yelled @ first with pain. He was very tight. I eased in some more until he loosened up. Gary stated that he felt like he had to shit. I told him that the feeling would subside. Soon I was fucking the hell out of Gary and Gary was sucking the heal out of Chad?s cock. Chad asked Gary did he like this, and Gary just mumbled uh-huh while I fucked him and he sucked Chad. 

Soon I was fucking Gary so hard that I started to cum. I told Gary that I was and Chad said to plant my seed in Gary and let him feel what it?s like having his /pussy/pussy-cum/pussy-filled-with-cum/">pussy filled with cum. Soon I was filling up Gary?s ass with /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum. I heard Chad say, damn, I looked up and he was cumming in Gary?s mouth. Gary started gagging. He said damn Chad, you should have told me you were cumming. Chad started laughing. I asked Gary how he liked his first experience with us. Stated he loved it. Now his mind was made up, he was definitely getting a divorce from him unfaithful wife. I told Gary good luck, and to remember, this night never happened. He said that he would never tell anyone. 

Chad told Gary that he knew that James our new guy was gay if he would like to talk with him. He said that James was hot as hell, very muscular and had just moved to Brunswick from Nashville, Georgia. Gary told us he would talk with him tomorrow and let us know what the outcome is. 

Maybe when we find out what happens with James and Gary, I will write more about them. Hope you enjoyed this true story, Nick???????.