Weekend at Jakes House 2

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Weekend at Jakes House 2

Suddenly the door opened, Chad walked in and closed the door behind him without seeing us then he turned around, ’Oh my, what are you guys doing!!! I thought you were just watching porn.’

With cum on my face I looked at Chad, ’We just needed to release ourselves, tell me if this doesn’t feel good.’

I walked over to him pulled down his pants and started to play with his dick, Jake got up and kneeled down in front of Chad and started sucking the head of his dick. I decided we were giving to much attention to one part of his body so I went behind him and decided to go the whole way in one swift motion I shoved my 7 inch dick up his ass and he moaned with pleasure. He let out a little yelp but after that he relaxed and just enjoyed the ride. Soon the pleasure from Jake’s mouth and my dick the wwwxxx up his ass made him blast a huge load down Jake’s throat. But I wasn’t done with him so I told him to get down an all fours. He did just that and I kept pounding his ass doggie style till I filled his ass with my /sweet/">sweet juices.

’Hey guys I think we should get John and Ed in on this.’
I liked Jake’s idea, ’But how will we get them to join us?’

Chad got this dirty look on his face, ’Let’s start a pool game and the person who makes the least points gets fucked up the ass by the four other guys.’
We went outside the room and told John and Ed of our idea. Ed wasn’t too excited but John (different one than in my other stories) agreed readily even though he was by far the worst pool player present. So we began our game and by the end John had managed to loose gloriously it seemed almost like he was trying to. ’Well I guess I’ll have to live up to my promise.’

He turned around and faced the pool table, and then wwwxxx he dropped his pants and braced his arms against the table. His dick was fully erect and dripping precum. All of us had bulges in our pants but I was the first one too take advantage of John’s willingness to let us fuck his virgin /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. It was so tiny but I really wanted to fuck it so I just shoved my dick in and started pounding away. Jake and Chad pulled their dicks out of there pants and started playing with themselves. John’s /asshole/">asshole was so tiny that the pleasure soon overwhelmed me that I didn’t last long and I blew my load up his ass. Next came Jake and then Chad, neither of them lasted very long and they filled John with their fluids.

Then it was Ed’s turn, now Ed had a huge 8 ’ inch dick and you could see that John was worried about this. Ed walked up to John then started circling his asshole with the tip of his head then he slowly started inserting his dick. John winced when the head popped through his hole but soon Ed was easily pumping away. This looked like so much fun that Jake walked up to Ed and inserted two fingers in his ass. You could see that Ed really enjoyed this because he slowed down the pace at which he was thrusting so it would be easier for Jake to finger him. I enjoyed seeing this so much that I decided to finger Jake. Just as my finger was penetrating Jake I felt Chad forcing his dick up my ass. The head spread my asshole open then popped in.

Next, I felt his hand grab the head of my penis and pull the foreskin. With his other free hand he put a finger up Jake’s ass. We stayed there for a very long time pleasuring each other. Finally we ended up in a pile of boys covered in sweat and cum, simply because we couldn’t take it anymore.